What are Vitamin B Cocktail shots?


B Vitamins support energy pathways in the body to ward off depression, anxiety and fatigue. Most people do not get enough B12 in their diets, so weekly shots are a good option. The shots are given as intramuscular injections. Our- B-shots contain B-Vitamin complex, B12 (methylcobalamin, known for its anti-stress properties) and folic acid.


Why is the form of B Vitamins important?


Our Vitamin B Cocktail and Lipotropic B Shots now contain a better form of B12! Methylcobalamin is non-synthetic and is better absorbed and retained in higher amounts within your tissues. What does this mean to you? Our reformulated B Shots will keep supporting your liver, brain and nervous system AND give you a bigger energy boost!


What are Vitamin B Lipotropic shots?


Lipotropics is a fancy word for three amino acids that are essential for the health of your liver. Your liver is the organ responsible for breaking down fat and toxins from your body, so if it is healthier, it will work better for you. Vitamin B12 can give you a huge energy boost, which helps you burn calories. The amino acids in the B12 Lipotropic shots are compounds that enhance liver function and increase the flow of fat and bile from the liver and gallbladder. By definition, a lipotropic substance decreases the deposit, or speeds up the removal of fat within the liver. The key amino acids used to make these shots are: Vitamin B12, Choline, Methione and Inositol.


–       Vitamin B12 is essential for helping to form a new, healthy cells in the body. It also boosts energy, helping to increase activity levels.


–       Choline supports the health of the liver in its processing and excretion of chemical waste products within the body. Moreover, it is required for the transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol within the body, which is important for the healthy support of the endocrine, cardiovascular and liver systems.


–       Methione is one of the sulfur-containing amino acids and is important for many bodily functions. It acts as a lipotropic agent to prevent excess fat buildup in the liver and the body, is helpful in relieving or preventing fatigue and may be useful in some cases of allergy because it reduces histamine release. If you are allergic to Sulfa-based drugs, you must not use the lipotropic B12 injections.

–       Inositol, a nutrient belonging to the B vitamin complex, is closely associated with choline. It aids in the metabolism of fats and helps reduce blood cholesterol. Inositol participates in action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to control mood and appetite.


Do I have to be a current patient?


You do not need to be a current patient to drop in for a B-shot.  Please just let us know if you have any serious medical conditions, are pregnant or have an allergy to sulfa drugs.


How do I schedule a B-shot?


Call us the morning you decide to come in and we can let you know when you are most likely to have the least wait time!



Cost: $ Very affordable! We have different prices based on what Vitamin B Complex cocktail you want. Call us at 803-404-7575.